Find the Perfect Maxi Dress for summer

Finding the perfect maxi dress (YouTube video) for summer can be tricky. Finding that best dress that is flattering fit; covering the places we want hidden and accentuating our top features whilst offering timeless trend and elegance is not a simple job.

There are lots of stunning maxi dresses out there so to support you discover that one that is only right for you we have complied own set of guidelines. Above all things, a hot dress should be best. Look out for breathable fabrics such as cotton and stay obvious of anything containing polyester.

Next, is it versatile? Can you wear it to the beach, picnic or a BBQ during the day and then dress it up with a few well selected accessories for the evening? Think about the extent of the dress too, unless it is a maxi dress it should always be above your knee but not too skimpy!

Select a dress that flatters your shape. Do not opt for clinging dress as not just will this get uncomfortable on a hot summer day it will be extremely unforgiving – instead select a dress that flatters and flares slightly your shape.

If you want to keep your arm covered there are tunic-trend dresses and long sleeved shirt dresses, sure, the compromise is that you can hardly ever find a summer dress that permits you to both legs and arms so you will have to decide which bothers you more.

Once you have found your best summer dress, it is equal vital to find the best shoes and accessories to present your dress off to its complete benefit. For during the day, sandals are the best and sensible option, anyway, this does not have to mean dowdy- there are plenty of trend flats and sandals.

For night out, heels make legs show longer plus add definition and shape. A few well selected accessories a change the look of your outfit depending on whether you want a casual day look or a dressed up classy look.


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