Finding the perfect playsuit

Playsuits have been showing on the catwalks for a few seasons now but they are still on-trend this summer with more variations than ever before. This most famous kind of playsuit is the floral, floaty, 70s indie type, but there are other kinds to suit other styles. You can look stylish in a playsuit for a night out, or casual for day about town- Playsuits for sale can suit every style and shape thanks to their versatility.

Whatever your shape, size or height, you can find jumpsuit or playsuit to suit your figure. Some favor the ditzy floral 70s prints hippy look, bohemian, and others might favor the tailored and sophisticated playsuit for a night on the evening or town occasion Ireland- thanks to their versatility, they can be worn for any kind of occasion.

Playsuit divide women in the fashion industry – some see them as a top fashion piece and others see them as a faux pas- if you are not a playsuit’s fan it may be because you have not found one to suit your shape. Some people will have tried on a playsuit and then neglected it thinking no other playsuit will suit them, this is where you are going bad. If you tried a dress and it did not suit you, would you never buy a dress again? The same goes for a playsuit, you will need to try a variety of choices until you find one to suit you.

Try a fitted playsuit if you have lovely figure as it will offer you a best hourglass silhouette, especially if you cinch in the waist with a thin belt. Most people think playsuits just perfect on tall and slim types, and for particular trends this is the case, think of thin-strapped floaty playsuits- these are perfect for slimmer builds. But a floaty, cutesty and one shoulder playsuit can suit a variety of figures.

You can team a playsuit with little much anything. Dress it down with a long cardigan for a casual day out or dress it up with boyfriend blazers and pair of heels for an evening out. You can wear a playsuit with ankle and tights boots in the winter or you can bare your legs and arms for a warm summer day. Or you can throw a jumper over the top of your playsuit and you can make a short-effet


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