Skater Dresses and Skaters

Skater dresses and skirts are one of the solid working pieces in our wardrobes but also could be one of the top looking outfits if worn well.

As with many other so-called latest fashion trends, skater dresses and skirts are not in fact particularly new at all. Actually, those fitted waists and circle skirts harken back to the 80s, while the typically small lengths are more reminiscent of… well, of an ice-dance costume, which is where the title comes from. The skater dresses is available in some stunning on-trend prints, neon graphics, florals, and plain colours.

Skater dresses are often made in because it holds its shape perfect, and tends not to cease too wrongly, but the current popularity surge has seem them emerge in various different fabrics. Lace is particularly famous with this style of dress. Charming silhouettes with flirtatious hemlines and whimsical fabrics made a big impression on the ice as well as on runways, which makes it the best feature for today Trend Report.

The look of the Skater dress is that it is flattering on almost everyone and is easy to wear. You can chose a strong or a pattern and just add some stilettos and you are perfect to go. The Skater dress is generally mini-length, but if you favor your hemlines just a pretty longer, fear not; the current trend for skater skirts means that is it simple to track down similarly shaped dresses in an extensive length.


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